Friday, February 10, 2017

Consequence of Childhood obesity


Childhood obesity is common problem developed the country. It’s is affecting your children who growing up adults. It’s  an  open secret that childhood obesity is on the rise.   To preventing childhood obesity we needed to proper control child calorie. Nowadays our children they too much lazy they can’t do their  physical work as example Clean his sleeping room and good arranging   reading Table, Washing own cloth. Physical work is a better way to preventing childhood obesity by reducing calorie. If we save our next generation needed we know how to fight childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is health risks can cause various harmful effects on your child’s body. As like- # High blood pressure, # high cholesterol level, # type 2 diabetes, # Asthma, # Dyspepsia, #Liver problem etc. 

An abused  child when participate school sports others classmate misbehaves with him for overweight it’s mental effect. This situation negative effect on his mind. We see your child alone in his class because some student treats him his abuse health. More..

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